Gilda Snowden 1954-2014

I love reading and seeing love from one artist to another. The writer of this article, Victor Littlejohn is not only an amazing artist, but is a dear and important friend of mine. If you don’t know Gilda Snowden’s work (and I certainly did not until Victor introduced me to her work via Facebook), this is a good time to begin!

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From a 1990 Exhibit at the Detroit Institute if Arts From a 1990 Exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts

We lost another important Detroit artist earlier this month.  Gilda Snowden died unexpectedly.  I would have attended her funeral, but I didn’t find out about it in time.  I’ll pay my respects here instead.

I first met Gilda Snowden in the late 1970’s.  We were around the same age and both “new artists” at the same time.  She studied painting at Wayne State University.  I was self-taught.  I never got to know her well, but it was always great to see her.  I had a lot of respect for her and her work.

In a September 14 Detroit Free Press article, artist Mary Fortuna, said “She was the opposite of competitive. … Whoever you were, you could count on Gilda to show kindness, generosity, advice and support.”  I always got the same sense.

She was one of Detroit’s best known…

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